Double-Hung Windows – Druid Hills, GA

Enhancing the Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency of a Druid Hills Home with our New Earth-Tone Double Hung Windows

When it comes to transforming the look and energy efficiency of a home, replacing old, builder grade windows with new, top-tier alternatives can work wonders. At The Window Source of Atlanta, we recently undertook just such a transformation in an elegant Druid Hills home. Our client’s property already had an appealing aesthetic due to its stunning brick exterior and thoughtful trim details. However, its existing vinyl windows were doing the space a disservice. 

Understanding the power of replacement windows, the homeowners chose our earth-tone, double hung windows from the 9000 series for their upgrade. 

The striking earth-tone color, which is a subtle yet eye-catching mix of beige and bronze, worked to highlight and enhance the beauty of the house’s exterior brick and trim. This resulted in a home with stunning curb appeal that immediately draws attention for all the right reasons.

But it’s not all about looks. These 9000 series windows aren’t just attractive, they are energy efficient too. The enhanced insulation these windows provide ensures that no heating or cooling energy goes to waste. Therefore, not only do they save money by reducing energy costs, they are environmentally friendly as well.

With this new addition, the charming Druid Hills home’s elegance has been accentuated, achieving an enviable balance of functionality and aesthetics. Our new, earth-tone, double hung windows have significantly improved the energy efficiency of the property, thus increasing its overall value. The homeowner can now enjoy lower utility bills, a more comfortable indoor environment, and a property that boasts remarkable elegance.

For homeowners seeking a simple yet impactful way to enhance their homes, window replacement is a great consideration. Especially with our range of color options and energy-efficient features, the right window can truly transform a property – both in terms of aesthetics and efficiency.

The Window Source of Atlanta remains committed to providing premium window replacement solutions, just like the ones in this Druid Hills project. For all your window needs, look no further than our wide range of durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful window options. 

Your window upgrade could be the very thing your home needs for a more appealing and efficient space. Reach out to The Window Source of Atlanta today, and let us help transform your home.

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Double hung windows Druid Hills    Double hung windows Druid Hills