Garden Windows

A garden window projects out from the wall of the house with four window units, adding a mini greenhouse to your home. The two ventilating side units are trapezoidal casement units that open outwards with a crank. The center unit and the roof are picture windows. The insulated glazed roof is designed to be weather tight and leak proof. The garden window gets its name from its resemblance to a miniature greenhouse, which makes it perfect for displaying plants. The result is a beautiful space for greenery that will give you many years of trouble-free service.

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Garden window

What is a good location for a garden window?

The most popular spot for a garden window is above the kitchen sink. Since your garden window is custom made, you can replace an existing window without making costly, time-consuming structural changes.

Garden window features:

Multi-chambered 3 1/4 inch vinyl window frames

Heavy duty crank and hinge operating hardware on trapezoidal operating casement windows

Heavy-duty solid wood buck frame securely supports entire garden unit

Multi-point locking system with easy single-lever operation

Double-insulated, triple-sealed glass roof

Warm edge spacer system

Spacious 16 1/2 inch projection beyond exterior wall surface

Exterior is completely maintenance free

Inside wood is 1 1/4 inch hardwood plywood with birch veneer stainable finish

Meets Energy Star requirements with LowE/Argon glass upgrade

Sashes opens a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning and to meet egress code requirements

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