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Bronze Windows vs. Black Windows

We get the question almost every day – why are black windows so much more expensive than white windows? There are a few reasons black windows cost more and some good news to save you money! Black windows do have to go through a heat reflective paint process. This process consist of shipping the vinyl off for paint, painting the vinyl, and then backing that black vinyl window with a lifetime warranty. The added steps it takes to manufacture the window equal higher cost.

How to Save on Black Vinyl Windows

We have a tip to help homeowners achieve the same look, without the higher cost. Bronze replacement windows! Bronze replacement windows are made from extruded vinyl.

What is Extruded Vinyl?

Vinyl extrusion is the process of manufacturing vinyl profiles used for fencing, patio covers and windows.

In basic terms, the raw mix (in blended powder form or in chip or pellet form) which includes PVC resin, impact modifiers, UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, and flow agents are melted and forced through a heated screw and barrel that forces the melted compound through shaping dies, downstream tooling, and cooling baths to obtain the final rigid profile.

Why Bronze Replacement Windows Cost Less

Bronze replacement windows from The Window Source of Atlanta are made from extruded vinyl which comes in stock – similar to our white windows. In short – the cost to manufacture bronze windows is much less than black windows. Bronze windows give a subtle dark look, almost as dark as painted black vinyl windows. Check out some of our recent projects. These homeowners saved close to 120% by going with bronze replacement windows versus black replacement windows.

We are still huge fans of the ever so trending black windows, but if you’re looking to save on your replacement window project – maybe bronze windows are the answer for you. Give us a call for pricing and questions. We’d be happy to help. 470.275.5159

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