Maximizing Natural Light: Tips for Selecting Windows to Brighten Your Home

How To Maximize Natural Light In Your Home

Home 5 Tips for Selecting Windows to Brighten Things Up

Did you know that the average American will spend about 92% of their lifetime indoors? On top of that did you know that humans originally spent 85% of their lives outside? It’s crazy to learn things like that. Just like learning how important it is just to get 5 minutes a day of sunlight has been directly linked to improving your mental and physical health. When it comes to your home, windows play a vital role in brightening your home and giving you access to that precious natural light.

Tip #1: Window Placement Goes A Long Way

Look at the layout and orientation of your home, and ask yourself these questions:

● Which direction does it face? North? South? East? West? Somewhere in between?
● Do your windows capture light? Or do they only collect some light?
● Do any of your neighbors’ homes work as a barrier against natural light?
● Is the inside of your home dark?

All of these questions address where windows should be placed to bring in as much natural light as possible. If your home faces north, then you probably have quite a few north-facing windows. That means you get a consistent amount of natural light all day. Is the inside of your home always dark, maybe you don’t have enough windows in general, or maybe you don’t have the correct sized window? Here’s something to remember: North-facing windows get all day consistent light, you can normally find these in possible work areas such as a kitchen or office. South-facing windows get the most sunlight these are normally in living areas such as the dining room, living room, or a sunroom. East-facing windows let in the morning light, and west-facing windows let in the afternoon light and sunsets.

Tip #2: Window Style

Window style is all about aesthetics. How do you want your home to look and feel? We have many types or styles of windows for you to choose from. These different types of windows can accentuate your home’s style, your personal style, or even one space. There are the traditional style windows(Double-hung) that slide vertically. These are more common for those who want to give their home a more historic feel. Then there is the more modern style(Sliding) that slides horizontally. These bring out a more contemporary look to your home. Another style is a crank window such as a casement or awning window, which brings out a country, farmhouse look.
Lastly, we have windows such as bay or bow windows that can accent a space, such as a reading nook or breakfast area.

Bonus tip: Window Accents

Window accents can further add to your windows style, just by adding a little detail. You can add a grid to the glass, or accent the frame by giving it a color or wood finish.

Tip #3: Use Your Decor to Accent the Light Coming In

Natural light is a great way to make a space look larger than it really is. Just like painting your walls a light neutral color can help open up a space, the rest of your decor can do the same. Using reflective decor such as mirrors, can really help bring that natural light further into your home.

Tip #4: Natural Light & Energy Efficiency

Natural light and energy efficiency actually go hand-in-hand. Some of you are probably thinking, “What? How is that possible? More light means more heat and more heat means more air conditioning.” Thanks to developing technology, our windows help your utility bills not hinder them, unlike older windows. Energy-efficient windows can not only help block UV rays from coming in, which not only heat things up, but can cause fading of your flooring and furniture, but they also include thermal technology to help keep the outside, outside. On top of that, more windows means less artificial lighting, which in the long run will help you save money by
lowering that electricity bill.

Tip #5: Natural Light Makes You Feel Better

As we mentioned before, being out in the sun has been proven to help your physical and mental health. Multiple studies have shown that sunlight boosts your Vitamin D level, which in turn boosts your serotonin level. Serotonin is the “happy” or “feel good” hormone. This leads to a better mental state by relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. Natural light has also been linked to aiding productivity, focus, and creativity. This is especially ideal for those of you who work from home or have children in school. Lastly, it’s been shown that natural light plays an important role in your sleep cycle. Those who spend more time in the sunlight, and less in
artificial light at night, sleep better, waking refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Windows Are the Picture Frames to the Outside World

Bonus Tip: Windows act as a bridge between outdoors and indoors. You can see your garden or the ocean, or your children playing outside all from the comfort of your home. Sometimes it’s too hot or too cold and sometimes you just don’t want to go outside, but you sit in or by your window and world-watch. You can see that crotchety old neighbor of yours gingerly tending to their flower beds with the smallest of smiles. You can see that teen curled up on a porch swing with a book, a sketchpad, or a guitar. You can see that kiddo running through the sprinkler with their friends or playing catch with their dog. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t even think about that should be appreciated the most. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that lead to some of our quietest joys. That’s what we do, we open up portals to the outside world. That way you can have all the comforts of home while you go on some of your craziest adventures and solve your hardest problems all the while sitting there looking out your window. If you’re ready for some new portals call us at (470) 275-5159 and we’d be happy to get you started on that adventure.

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