Tips for Enhancing Natural Light in Your Home

As many homeowners know, nothing quite beats the feeling of walking into a bright space that is filled with natural light. Having an abundance of natural light in your home will not only decrease overall energy usage but it will also create a sense of cohesion between your interior and exterior spaces while simultaneously boosting mood. That’s why we’ve reached out to the experts in optimizing natural light to provide you with some tips to get you started. So sit back and learn how you can effectively maximize the amount of natural light in your home.

Stick to energy-efficient windows

Energy Efficient windows with LowE coating and Argon filled panes can help maximize your natural lighting. With Energy Efficient windows you can remove blinds or draperies, letting more natural lighting into the home without letting the heat in. – Window Source Atlanta

Keep it light and bright

Using lighter and brighter paints on the walls and ceiling, for starters, could be a great way of increasing natural light in your home. Installing skylights in your ceiling is another excellent way of pulling in natural light. Finally, turn your attention to your garden and trim any trees, bushes climbing plants that are growing around your doors and windows. – Cryptoknowmics

Don’t sacrifice your privacy

I often create stained glass windows for homeowners who want to preserve the natural light in their home but need privacy. Many people come to me because they have a window in a bathroom or alongside their front door; the clear glass leaves them feeling exposed but they don’t want to darken the space by covering the window with a shade. One great solution is to use heavily textured clear glass which will prevent people from seeing in through the window but still maintains all the beautiful natural light. There’s a wide variety of heavily textured clear glass to match anyone’s style and decor. – Paradise Custom Stained Glass

The bigger the better

The biggest trend in residential natural light is MORE. The bigger the better and that includes giant doors such as this @weathershield patio door that I designed into one of our projects. The #NextGen has a low profile frame and sill so you can see more view and with a seamless transition to the outside with the door open or closed. This was a super easy to install in just hours, too. Go big and then be home! – Studio B Style

Take advantage of skylights

Skylights are a wonderful way to maximize natural light. To avoid making the space uncomfortably bright and hot, consider adding tinting. This will filter out heat and damaging UV rays while still creating the bright space you are aiming for. – Riot Glass Team

 Originally published on Redfin