The $189 Window- Fact or Fiction?

The $189 Window

You see it all time. Window replacement companies advertising replacement windows for under $200. $189 installed with a lifetime warranty. So you do the math – 10 windows x $189 = $1890. That’s affordable. Seems almost too good to be true, right? That’s because it is. This form of advertising is called bait and switch. Bait and switch scams appeal to people who want to save money. A company offers a great deal, to draw customers to the business. When the customer contacts the business, they find that the deal is not available and the company then tries to convince the customer to buy something else, assuring them that they are still receiving a good deal.

How Window Companies Use Bait and Switch

Window companies advertise their base price window at $179 or $189 to get in your door. The slicked up salesmen comes in with a completely different approach. You want energy star windows, correct? You need screens on your windows, right? Oh, and then there is shipping cost. Not to mention color options, capping, grid patterns. Once everything is added up your ten $189 windows went from under $2000 to over $5000.


The Window Source of Atlanta Approach

Don’t be fooled by false advertising. At The Window Source of Atlanta, we break down our prices so that you see exactly what you are getting. We would never sell you a window without it being Energy Star certified; therefore, we are not going to advertise our base price window. We give you facts, by advertising our best price guarantee and our instant price calculator. No hype here, just upfront pricing on the best vinyl replacement windows in the industry. Want to know What Replacement Windows Should Cost? Give us a call or use our instant price calculator. The Window Source of Atlanta- No high pressure sales, no gimmicks!

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