How To Find The Right Window Company in Atlanta

How To Find The Right Window Company in Atlanta


You’re running through a hazy hall of mirrors. Every direction you turn, you see more glass, more reflections of yourself looking confused and lost. The maze seems endless, and all you want is to find the right path to the exit. This is most people shopping for replacement windows.


The truth is that most windows are made to similar standards in just a few factories across the country, and every company slaps a different label, sales pitch and price on it. So what really matters?


Checking Window Company Reviews


The horse’s mouth doesn’t lie, and neither do customer reviews. You can check our reviews on Facebook, Angie’s List and Google+. Reviews aren’t easily manipulated, so you know you’ll be getting the unfiltered truth.


Choosing Replacement Window Material


Wooden windows are the easiest to paint and customize, and can give your house an elegant, classic feel. However, they are susceptible to rot and wear over time, and can expand and contract along with the weather, making it hard to completely seal them. Wooden windows are generally the most costly, at around $800-$2,000 per window.


Aluminum windows are the cheapest option, since they allow more heat to pass through. Think of an aluminum soda can right after it’s been in the fridge: it is freezing to the touch because the temperature of the soda is leaking right through the aluminum can and into the air. Less insulation means a higher electric bill and draftier rooms. You’ll find aluminum windows most often in older homes from the 70s and 80s.


Vinyl windows have recently become the most popular option for a window replacement material. Vinyl is non-porous, meaning it doesn’t leak hot air, cold air, or moisture. New technologies, including chamber techniques and premium virgin vinyl formulas, allow vinyl to withstand winds of up to 150 mph. Our vinyl windows come with better energy ratings than aluminum or wood, and are priced at a comfortable $200-$600 per window.


How Much Replacement Windows Cost


When pricing your windows, be sure to compare apples to apples using the Energy Star and NFRC labels. Energy Star labels are only put on products that have been scientifically proven to to meet certain legal standards of energy efficiency and reduced impact on the environment.


Similarly, the NFRC label will give you values of a window’s ability to retain heat and other metrics that show you its energy efficiency level. These numbers are unbiased ratings that help you avoid paying too much for the exact same window somewhere else.


Ask about our Energy Star windows, available in all of the following styles:


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