Are Triple Pane Windows Really Better Than Double Pane Windows?


Are Triple Pane Windows Really Better Than Double Pane Windows?

It seems like simple arithmetic: if more glass means more insulation, three panes must be better than two.


The truth is, triple pane windows are only right for certain homes. Most people will get the best value out of a double pane window, because you should only pay for the amount of insulation you need.


Double Pane


Double pane windows are simply two layers of glass separated by a space that is filled with argon (or krypton) gas. Argon gas is a harmless, transparent gas that is heavier than air, and serves as an extra layer of insulation to maintain your home’s temperature.


This small layer of gas is the main difference in efficiency between single pane and double pane windows, and is the reason why the majority of windows in American homes are double pane windows.


Double star windows are eco-friendly enough to earn the Energy Star label, which can only be applied to windows that meet the Department of Energy’s standards for efficiency. Especially in temperate climates like Atlanta, two panes will give you all the insulation you need without breaking the bank with upfront costs.


Triple Pane


Triple pane windows are identical to double pane windows in every way, except they have an additional layer of glass and argon gas.


With triple pane windows, you get the maximum energy savings possible on the window market right now, and they block out the most outside noise as well. However, triple pane costs $150-300 more per window than double pane, and unless you live in cold northern climates, you may not see a return on your investment for a decade or more.


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