How To Read An NFRC Label

NFRC Sticker

How to Read An NFRC Label Labels can tell you a lot: what’s in your food, how much something costs, or how flammable it might be.   The most important label on your windows is the NFRC label. NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Rating Council—“fenestration” is just a fancy Latin word for windows. Like…

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How To Find The Right Window Company in Atlanta

Most Comfortable Windows

How To Find The Right Window Company in Atlanta   You’re running through a hazy hall of mirrors. Every direction you turn, you see more glass, more reflections of yourself looking confused and lost. The maze seems endless, and all you want is to find the right path to the exit. This is most people…

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What Are Low-E Windows?

Low E

What Are Low-E Replacement Windows? Low Emissivity coating, commonly referred to as “Low E” is an optional feature you will find offered by many replacement window companies. While each window company may have their own spin or name for this feature, the basic functionality of Low-E is the same for all. What is Low E?…

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Are Triple Pane Windows Really Better Than Double Pane Windows?

Double Pane v Triple Pane

  Are Triple Pane Windows Really Better Than Double Pane Windows? It seems like simple arithmetic: if more glass means more insulation, three panes must be better than two.   The truth is, triple pane windows are only right for certain homes. Most people will get the best value out of a double pane window, because you…

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What Are Triple Pane Windows?

shaped windows atlanta

  Three panes of glass separated by pockets of argon or krypton gas—that’s the short answer. Recent pushes towards energy efficiency have seen double pane windows become the standard in most new homes, but some homeowners want to take this a step further and install windows with three panes instead of two.   Why is…

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What Are Double Pane Windows?

6000 Series Windows

  Double pane windows are exactly what they sound like—windows made up of two panes of glass. Most older homes were built with single pane windows, but recently it has become standard to see double pane windows on the majority of modern homes. That extra plate of glass goes a long way.   Why is…

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